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Allard AFO


For your active patients or others who require less resistance or more flexibility. The newest dimension in Allard carbon composite AFO technology. ToeOFF®FLOW 2 1/2 have a lower heel height, a more gentle forefoot rise, and more range-of-motion in the sagittal plane than the other Allard AFOs.  

Provides added rigidity to stabilize the unstable ankle and provide added control of proximal deficits.

FLOW offers greatest ROM in sagittal plane and smoother transitions throughout the gait cycle.

Have only 7 mm heel height to better accommodate todays shoe fashion.

ToeOFF FLOW 2 1/2 Foot drop

Functional Guidelines


Allows Ranges of Motion:
M-L Stability:
A-P Stability:
Dorsiflexion Assist:
Spasticity Control:
Proximal Control:

These are only guidelines for product selection based on various patient conditions. This should always be done on an individual basis with the clinician taking into consideration the unique situation and needs for the individual patient. Also consideration should be given to what interface each patient needs.

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