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ToeOFF® 2.0

ToeOFF® 2.0 is the updated version of the ToeOFF®, the original dynamic response floor reaction ankle foot orthosis that has become recognized as a quantum leap in AFO technology. The 2.0 provides all the same functional features and beneefits of the original ToeOFF®, but advances in manufacturing technology have allowed us to incorporate several additional features and benefits requested by customers over the years. The side extensions are shorter, it has a more rounded shape, the surface is smoother and more scratch resistant, and new design and more durable straps offered in both wrap-around and D-Ring styles. 

ToeOFF®2.0 addition offers all the same great 2.0 features and function but has a unique sleek surface that allows pant legs to slide easily over the brace. It is offered in both birch and black. ToeOFF®2.0 is designed to support gait in conditions such as Posterior Tibialis Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD) and toe amputations.

ToeOFF 2.0 moderate foot drop

Functional Guidelines

ToeOFF® 2.0

Allows Range of Motion:
M-L Stability:
A-P Stability:
Dorsiflexion Assist:
Spasticity Control:
Proximal Control:

These are only guidelines for product selection based on various patient conditions. This should always be done on an individual basis with the clinician taking into consideration the unique situation and needs for the individual patient. Also consideration should be given to what interface each patient needs.

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