Assessment orthoses

Adult & children

To assist the practitioner in selecting the best Allard AFO and the best size to meet the user’s needs, a special Assessment Orthosis that is boldly labeled ”Not-For-Resale” is available for each Allard AFO. By determining just the right amout of control, dynamic response, and best anatomical fit at the initital appointment, many unnecessary future adjustments visits can be avoided. Most of all, the user will be fit with the optimum composite orthosis.

The Not-For-Resale are available individually or as a special ”kit” for each model that includes 6 AFOs, left and right size small, medium and large. It is only to be used as an initial assessment tool to assess function improvement, patient acceptance and what modifications will be required to optimize gait. If the patient feels any discomfort or pain that cannot be relieved with the orthotist’s modifications, the trial should be stopped immediately. Due to the orthosis influencing the gait pattern, some patients can react to this. We do recommend the first test to be done in parallel bars or with the use of a walker.



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