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The BlueROCKER® was primarily developed for bilateral patients and those with more involved pathology. 

The extra stability will improve both balance and posture and give the wearer greater security, especially individuals with weak quadriceps and calf muscles. BlueROCKER® can also be used for partial foot amputations, most proximal level is Chopart.

BlueROCKER® is also the preferred brace to combine with COMBO™ for the use of Hyperextension in the knee. 

BlueROCKER for more severe involved cases of foot drop

Functional Guideline


Allows Range Of Motion:
M-L Stability:
A-P Stability:
Dorsiflexion Assist:
Spasticity Control:
Proximal Control:

These are only guidelines for product selection based on various patient conditions. This should always be done on an individual basis with the clinician taking into consideration the unique situation and needs for the individual patient. Also consideration should be given to what interface each patient needs.

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