#24-29 Product Function

#24   Custom Fabrication

All humans are different and some patients do not always fit the standard properties. We have a system based on many years’ experience which provides the customer an opportunity to have us fabricate a custom ToeOFF® or BlueROCKER®. They can use a scanner, plaster or measurements for ordering.

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#25 Gradated Dynamics

Allard AFO products offer a range of gradated dynamics from the most dynamic Ypsilon® FLOW to the sturdy BlueROCKER®. The dynamics of the product is dependent on brand and size.

#26 Smooth Transition in Stance Phase

Over the years we have increased our understanding of impaired gait, recognizing the importance of dynamic instead of static. This understanding has helped Allard to make the transition phases from stance even smoother.

#27 AFOs for Different Patient Groups

Through our wide range of products we can offer support to users whose function improve by a brace as well as those who deteriorate in their disease. Our portfolio also allows children to grow with our products, and individuals to gain or lose weight.

#28 Neither Weight nor Size are a Limitation!

No matter if your patient is short or tall, big or small – size and weight are not a limitation for Allard AFOs.

#29 AFOs with Function throughout Gait Cycle

Most AFOs focus on foot drop during Swing Phase, being only 40 % of the Gait Cycle. Considering Stance Phase being 60 % of the gait cycle, Allard AFOs are developed also to support during Mid-Stance and 3rd Rocker propulsion.

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