#1-7 Manufacturing

#1 High Tech Manufacturing Site

We have a Fiber Composite standalone manufacturing facility, dedicated 100 % to composites. This eliminates potential contamination from non-fiber manufacturing during the prepregs' curing process.

#2 High Quality Production Molds

Our molds for the products are developed in CAD drawings and made only of the highest quality aluminum. Each mold is refurbished on a frequent schedule to maintain consistent perfect quality.

#3 Precision Cutting

The prepreg sections used in our products are cut on a high precision Cutting Table.

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#4 Highly Skilled Experienced Technicians

The proprietary layup methods are only performed by highly skilled and experienced technicians that require at least 6 - 12 months of basic training and depending on segment in the production line, at least another 6 months to become fully trained to manufacture one type of Allard AFO. 

#5 Autoclave Curing

All the Allard AFOs are cured in an Autoclave Pressure Chamber to maintain consistent high quality.

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#6 Void Elimination

Allard has invested considerable resources to eliminate voids inside the laminate. Several research papers have shown that voids have a strong negative impact on mechanical properties in composites. Void content describes the porosity level within a composite material. It is widely accepted within the materials science community and composite industry in general, that a premium quality laminate should have a void content of less than 0.5 %. It is further recognized and accepted that laminates with a void content of 1 % or greater, will exhibit a reduction in mechanical properties.

#7 Robotic Cutting

After curing, the product is mounted onto a rail and transported to the robot for a precision cut-out. These robots perform the most accurate and consistent trimming to ensure that each product is exactly the same.

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