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Interface Options for KiddieGAIT® & KiddieROCKER®

KiddieGAIT® and KiddieROCKER® have different interface options depending on model and size. It is important that each and every product have an interface between the brace and the leg. Besides the standard SoftKIT™ and ComfortKIT™, we also offer interfaces with patterns on in various colors.

Interface Options KiddieGAIT KiddieROCKER

All textile accessories for Allard AFOs are carefully designed with functionality, comfort and environment in consideration. Compliance is of primary importance and our textile accessories completes the AFOs to make them easy to handle and comfortable to wear. The material selection must be suitable for skin contact, is durable and possible to care for in a home environment. All our textile accessories for Allard AFOs can be machine washed for continued nice & fresh feel even after long hours of use.

SoftKIT™Interface for KiddieGAIT

This is the standard interface. Comes in a black comfortable material. An extra pad is included so one can be worn while the other is laundered.

ComfortKIT™Interface for KiddieGAIT

ComfortKIT™ is our premium interface. It is designed for the patient that requires added cushioning and a more intimate fit due to the shape of the tibia, skin conditions or acitivity level.

For KiddieGAIT® and KiddieROCKER® is is only available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large (not the Baby sizes).

SoftShell™Interfaces for children

SoftShell™ is available for all sizes of KiddieGAIT® and KiddieROCKER®. The outer material combined with the SoftKIT™ interface for sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-LITE. Patterns with hearts and grey pattern with sculls. 

The smaller Baby sizes have a different construction. The shell is a separate cover that should be combined with a soft interface. 

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